Started his Career as regular employee for a local NY/NJ Janitorial company 25+ years ago, 
during his many years of service for the most important companies of the region, he occupies different positions as: 
Technician, Supervisor, Area Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Area Manager, Travel Support Manger, Account Manager, Manager.
His education, experience, skills, and passion, make a perfect combination for his successful career, obtaining profit contribution by managing staff; establishing and accomplishing business objectives. 
After all the productive and effective years, Alvaro decided to open his own company: AKA Services Group, a Quality Professional Cleaning Company, a Central Florida based company, 
focuses on clients where the quality of cleaning, 
safety, maintenance, and appearance are critical to the basic function of the establishment.


-Office/Field Manager-

Luz is a corporate member at AKA, Services Group, enforcing standardized practices and methods, 
providing/processing information, support, advising employees and customers as well.
She's responsible for the office and field operation. Coordinates and monitors assigned activities, providing
recommendations and directions.
Luz is involved with the maintenance/cleaning service for many years, plenty of experience and
knowledge of the procedures.
She’s a very motivated and passionate person, supported by a background in accounting, and operation/production areas.

Kevin S.

-Marketing Manager-

The Youngest member of the family joined the company as intern, developing field and office skills.
Graduated from HS in New Jersey, Kevin is a Valencia College Student on his second year of Criminal Justice.
His role as Office and Field Support Manager, is key to AKA Services Customer Services Business..

ALVARO PARDO, Executive Manager -CEO-

LUZ MONTESDEOCAOffice/Field- Manager

KEVIN S. PARDO, - Marketing Manager-


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